Auckland United Softball Club AGM 2019

Auckland United AGM 2019

The Executive of the club have had to change the date of theĀ  AU AGM.

This coincides with new obligations to annual reporting which soon becomes law for incorporated societies.

As the executive have embarked on several funding applications, our providers haveĀ  also increased their requirements on information ( such as social reporting ) which of course dictates a lot more work for your executive.

1) The ASA have had to follow the same route by delaying their AGM to September with the agreement of the clubs / stakeholders.

2) SNZ have only just ( this week ) set their levies for this season which has a flow down effect on our setting of club fees that must be set for the AGM

3) Our auditor is currently on an overseas holiday for some two months. Whilst this was known, it was felt that a change of auditor would not only compromise our reporting but would also incur increased costs for services.

The date will be set once the current executive can align all these matters.