Premier Men $230
Reserve Men $230
Division 1 Men $210
Division 3 Men $210
Division 3 Women $210
Division 4 Men $210
U/17 Boys/U19 Boys $135
U/17 Girls $135
U/15 Boys $130
U/15 Girls $130
U/14 Boys $130
U/13 Boys $125
U/13 Girls $125
U/12 Boys $120
U/11 Mixed $110
U/10 (Rookie Sox) $75
U/8 Tee Ball $70
U/6 Tee Ball $65
Social Membership/Non Playing Members $30

Note: Any U14-19 player who plays more than 3 games for a senior team will pay fees of $170.

Fees must be paid prior to players being placed into a team, please use players surname and initial, and team or Grade when making payments i.e JONES J U12 Steelers

Auckland United Softball Club Bank Account Details

To be eligible to play for the season all fees must be paid before the 20th November 2017 into the following account, or the player is deemed unfinancial;

12 3071 0260954 02

Discount Structure:

Family                                                     10%
Auckland Representative           10%
Family, 3 or more players, immediate family only
Auckland Representative, must have been playing for Auckland United when selected
Discounts are not accumulative i.e. if you represent Auckland and NZ you will only be entitled to a 10% discount

All requests for discounts need to be approved in writing by the AU Executive Committee, please send requests to softballau@gmail.com