NZ Black Sox and Junior Black Sox 2016/17/18

NZ Black Sox -selected for Black Sox Tour of Prague August 2018

Ben Enoka (Captain), Thomas Enoka, Campbell Enoka, Kallan Compain


The NZ Junior Black Sox played in the Australian National Championships in 2017 and AU are very proud that Brock Attewell was selected and represented.

Brock was selected and represented for the Junior Mens World Championships July 2018 in Prince Albert, Canada, Bronze Medal




Ben Enoka                                           Campbell Enoka                                 Isaac Fletcher

Kallan Compain                                   Thomas Enoka

The NZ Black Sox won the World Series in Yukon, Canada in 2017- and AU are very proud to have 5 players represented:

Ben Enoka

Thomas Enoka

Campbell Enoka

Kallan Compain

Isaac Fletcher