Tee Ball & Rookie Sox

To encourage children to participate in the game of Tee Ball & Rookie Sox a derivative of softball, and thereby learn the basic skills of Softball.

Objective is for the children to have fun while learning the softball skills

Our Tee Ball  & Rookie Sox Module is played at Fowlds Park commencing at 9am each Saturday morning.

Auckland United Softball Club encourages all players of different skill levels as well as any children with special needs.

The club will endeavour to place children as per parent’s requests, but this may not always be possible due to team numbers or age groups available.

About Tee Ball and Rookie Sox

  • Grades for children ages 4 – 9 years
  • Two grades U/8 and U/10
  • Club training night is Wednesdays at Fowlds Park, training time is set by the coach and manager (generally between 4.30 – 6.00)
  • Games are played Saturday mornings at Fowlds Park commencing at 9am
  • Tee ball  & Rookie Sox is focused on player participation and focuses on the teaching of catching, throwing, hitting and fielding
  • Players are required to have their own softball glove
  • Batting is off a tee and aluminium bats are used in this grade
  • A 10.5” Flexiball is used for Tee Ball
  • All players get to bat and field throughout the game